Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces (TPDF) to learn from MMI

A team of 5 military senior officers from Tanzania Peoples Defense Forces (TPDF) led by Maj Gen Dr A S Mwabulanga are in Rwanda to learn from Military Medical Insurance, MMI which is one of the Rwanda Defense Forces home grown solution in terms of health care.

After having paid a courtesy call on the the Chief of Defense Staff, Lt Gen Charles Kayonga who gave them an overview of RDF and Rwanda Military Insurance, on Tuesday 23 April at 10:15 Hrs they headed to MMI HeadQuarters and met the Managing Director of Military Medical Insurance LT COL Dr Jean Paul BITEGA to have first hand information on how the Military Medical insurance operates.

On his brief, the MMI Director said that MMI is one of the homegrown solutions the RDF has put in place to ensure good health services for its members. He said that through MMI services, the military and their legally registered dependents can access medical services either in military hospitals and both public as well as private Hospitals, clinics or healthcare Centers, the most freedom of choices that our affiliated and their dependents fully enjoy and that makes a difference from other countries where you may find a soldier can only get medical services in military hospitals, said Lt Col Dr Bitega.

He further stressed the strategy consisting of the participation of both the Government of Rwanda through the ministry of Defense, the military monthly salary percentage deduction that make up a package of contributions as well as the Co-payment ticket of the insured members once they get the service to have played a key role on the noticed efficiency of the scheme. He also gave different scenarios MMI had to go through so as to reach effective management and talked on some challenges, risks and risks management as well as future prospects including setting up Pharmacies, CT Scans and new insurance products just to mention but a few.

Maj Gen Adam Mwabulanga indicated the team has been tasked to initiate a military medical insurance in Tanzania People’s Defense Forces (TPDF) and that is the reason why they came to Rwanda to get experience from MMI. "We are aware that RDF is among few militaries that have own Military medical Insurance on African continent, otherwise we do depend on national health insurance”. He said that they learned a lot from Ghana, Kenya, South Africa insurance methods but MMI one might be the unique good example right from the fact that ”It covers the majority of the health problems that an individual can suffer from. The contribution by military personnel is very minimal and really it serves a lot that someone can expect. I commend the MMI, and in our case we have learnt a lot from them and would like to call upon its management to support us as a Brother institution during our journey to setting up our own medical insurance in Tanzania, He further stressed”

The senior officers on a two day study tour ; are to visit also the Rwanda Military hospital and other military infrastructures of different kinds.