About MMI

 MMI is a Public Institution charged with mainly the management, organization and operation of Security Organs health insurance scheme. MMI is governed by the law No 08/2012 of 29/12/2012 determining its mission, organization and functioning, Published in the Official Gazette No 14 of 02/04/2012. MMI has a legal personality, an administrative and financial autonomy and is governed in accordance with the laws governing public institutions in Rwanda.

  MMI was established in 2005.


To guarantee to MMI members and their dependants high standard of living by ensuring them quality healthcare.


   MMI objectives are:

  • To ensure to its members and their dependants an access to high quality healthcare
  •  To actively participate to the healthcare industry development
  •   To achieve organisation’s profitability and sustainability


MMI is faithful to the traditional military values of duty, honor, courage and loyalty to the Country. As a health insurance institution, it is also governed by the following care values:

  •  Integrity
  •  Commitment
  • Caring
  •  Excellence
  •   Equity
  •  Efficiency
  •   Solidarity


  •   Security Organs members and their dependants
  •  Any other institution and group agreed


 MMI cooperates with the following institutions:

  •   National Referral Hospitals(ALL)
  •   KFH(On Transfer)
  •   District Hospitals(ALL)
  •    Health Centers(ALL)
  •    Private Clinics
  •    Private Pharmacies